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Welcome to the 60th Annual Convention of Chemists (ACC 2023), organized by the Indian Chemical Society which is part of the Centennial Jubilee Celebration. As we gather to celebrate the society's remarkable journey over a century, we also embark on an exciting new chapter, exploring the critical role of chemistry in the next zero goal, circular economy, and sustainability

The theme for the Conference: Net Zero Goal &, Sustainability: Role of Chemical Sciences in Green Energy, Circular Economy, and Prosperity of India.

ACC 2023 a 2 day International Conference will feature Keynote Address, Invited Talks, Oral Presentations, Poster Presentations, CEO Conclave, Sponsor Showcase, Networking Dinner & Awards.

The conference will also deliberate on key issues such as Green Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Materials Chemistry, Nuclear Energy, Minerals, Batteries, NEP and Teaching Chemistry, Hydrogen Technologies, Photo catalysis, Use of AI in Chemical Synthesis Nano catalysis, Drug Delivery, Fluorine Chemistry, and Waste to Wealth, Patenting and IPR Evaluation.

The conference will include participation from Academia, Prominent Universities, Research Labs, Industry Associations, Leading Organisations, Nobel Laureates, Students and International Chemical Societies.

Focus Areas

The focus areas for the conference are diverse and encompass a wide range of topics within the field of chemistry.

   Green chemistry
   Flow chemistry
   Physical Chemistry
   Chemical hazard and risk management
   Natural products chemistry
   Organic chemistry
   Inorganic chemistry
   Refinery technologies
   Clean coal Technologies
   Interfacial science
   Materials chemistry
   Analytical chemistry
   Biomass valorisation
   Coal to chemicals
   Carbon dioxide to chemicals
   Nuclear energy
   Recycle chemistry and engineering
   Corrosion science and technology
   NEP and Teaching chemistry
   Advanced in Fischer Tropsch Processes
   Process intensification
   Newer fuel additives
   Enhanced oil recovery
   Water recycle and reuse
   Natural gas technologies
   Chiral separation
   Use of AI in chemical synthesis
   Plastic recycling Ÿ Hydrogen technologies
   Modeming and simulation
   Drug delivery
   Enzymatic reactions
   Fluorine chemistry
   Hydrogen storage
   Waste to wealth
   Patenting and IPR valuation
   Supercritical Fluids for reactions and purification
   Fuel cells
   Solar and wind panel recycle
   Net zero

Programme at A Glance

  • DAY 1 : 20th December 2023
  • DAY 2 : 21st December 2023
Timings and sessions are subject to change

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